My Tears Are Brown

April in Toronto and it is officially Spring.  No one told the grass or the trees or the plants.

Everything is brown.  My grass, my trees, the roads, the plants, the forest that is steps away from my street.  There is nothing that looks like Spring.  It’s making me so sad that today I cried brown tears.

I know, I know, I asked for the snow to go away and it did.  I expected that when the snow left and the Spring sprung, there would be something green (grass) and yellow (daffodils) and purple (crocuses).  I don’t need the pink tulips or the red roses or the white hydrangeas yet, but geez …  BRING ON SOME COLOR!

These crocuses are not in my yard, but I sure wish they were.



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11 Responses to My Tears Are Brown

  1. I wish mother nature would “GO GREEN” already….sigh.

  2. yellowcat says:

    My grass is trying to turn green, but it keeps snowing. I wish spring would get here!

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Here in Texas, we rarely get the snow that covers we are stuck with 5 months of brown everything!…..and trees with no leaves, bare bushes…etc. It is quite ugly. I miss Oregon where the grass is green all year round.

    • I didn’t think of it that way, at least the snow covers the brown for a while. I would miss Oregon too the way you describe it. Hang in there, I am sure spring will come. (repeat after me…)

  4. The crocuses have bloomed, the tulip leaves are up, and the lilies are just beginning to break through the ground. Don’t worry, Techy, it’s happening.

  5. huffygirl says:

    Don’t cry Techy. It’s brown here too. But it will be green soon I promise.

  6. John Erickson says:

    Hang in there, things are trying. We’d normally have flowers popping up all around us, but after a freak week of upper 60s a few days ago, we’ve been plunged back into the freezer. Some of the crocuses (croci?) have stuck their leaves up – I’m hoping these freezing nights aren’t killing off the buds. Have your trees popped yet? We’ve got some that dump a mess of reddish-brown pod coverings all over everything – quite messy! Once those pop, it’s usually only a dozen days or so until the flowers start to open! 🙂
    So there’s hope! And when ours pop, I’ll try to get you some photos, in case yours haven’t yet. In the meantime, keep thinking spring!

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