Dinner In Daytona Beach

Had a lovely evening in Daytona Beach.

Met up with a college roommate in Orlando and we took off in a car.  It has been a funny day to be in Florida for two people from the North since we think it is always sunny and warm and beachy when people are in Florida.

In reality, we have had thunderstorms all day.  Big, booming thunder and tornado warnings.  I guess we forgot to call ahead and order the Florida weather that is shown in all the travel brochures.

After a day of shopping, eating, and talking … we drove northeast and found Daytona Beach.  Walked on the beach, took a few photos, and met some people who started with the line “hey, if you want to take some pictures of good-looking people, here we are”.

I laughed and waved and walked away.  It was fun though to have young men yelling at us kindly on the beach in Daytona.

We drove along and found a nice little restaurant to try.  If you go to Daytona, check it out – Ivy Lane Bistro.  We enjoyed a delicious shrimp salad, a trio of appetizers, and a glass of red wine.  We shared everything, chatted with the waiter and waitress, and talked some more.

Our waiter took our photo, but said it would cost us an explanation of what the occasion was we were celebrating.  Isn’t it grand to know that two good friends just out having a light dinner for no special event are viewed by others as celebrating?  I guess that is a tribute to the looks on our faces and the laughter.

The waitress came over to ask about my camera and said she is working on convincing her husband that she needs a “real camera” now that they have two young children.  We talked about the merits of my new Canon Rebel including the fact that Big One says it makes people look better than they do in real life.  Isn’t a camera like that worth every penny?

Two strangers we never would have met if we hadn’t veered off our path, stopped in Daytona, and tried out an unknown restaurant without any recommendation.

What a fabulous, if rainy, day we had.


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4 Responses to Dinner In Daytona Beach

  1. John Erickson says:

    “Get off the beaten path” has always been my mantra. I’ve met interesting people and seen great sites getting away from the usual thoroughfares. Even in cities with “tourist traps”, I always like to go wander the side streets and see the hidden treasures.
    Good for you for doing so, and congrats on turning a day out with a friend into a memorable time. You’ve got the right idea!

  2. huffygirl says:

    More warm weather vacation? Good for you.

    • Yes, huffygirl. I am making the most of time between interviews and studying for interviews. This cold weather in Toronto could get me down if I let it. Instead, I am chasing the sun!

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