Do You Feel Youthful?

Do you believe?  This week-end I saw the fountain of youth (supposedly) discovered by Ponce De Leon and I had a big drink from it.  What a fun experience.

Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine Florida

water bubbling from the fountain of youth

If you walk past me on the street without recognizing me, it’s okay.  It could be due to my youthful appearance.

The city of St. Augustine, Florida is home to the Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park, a tribute to the spot where Ponce de León is traditionally said to have landed. The tourist attraction was created by Luella Day McConnell in 1904. “Diamond Lil”, as she was known, fabricated stories to amuse and appall the city’s residents and tourists until her death in 1927.[8]


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3 Responses to Do You Feel Youthful?

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I don’t think it works on Idiots…. I am doomed….. 🙂

  2. huffygirl says:

    Hmm, all this time I thought my eye cream would do it. Now you tell me there’s a fountain?

  3. John Erickson says:

    Nice pictures. Sounds like “Diamond Lil” was quite the character. My kind of girl! 😉
    Would I want a swig? If it cured the bum hip, yes. Make me younger? No way! I’m hard enough to tolerate as a crotchety old fart! Could you imagine the personality of a cranky old man in the body of a 20-something? I will NOT inflict that on the world! 😀

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