Home Reno Destroys Toronto Family

Okay, okay, the family is not really destroyed, but it was tense.

The new bathroom project is done.

The family is intact.

There were many days I wondered if I would be able to write either of those sentences.  Today, I am happy to report both are true.  Home renovations are VERY hard on a family and yet in our house, we keep doing them.  Family members learn so much about each other when home renovations are in progress, and when the family members are doing the work even more so.

BEFORE PICTURE (just a plan on paper, or maybe in his head)

Giving my husband his due, he did 90% of the work.  I did the tile grouting (5%) and the pushing (5% most of the project, and 75% during the last five days).  Did I mention he put in a heated floor and the colours I picked were to remind me of a vacation resort in Mexico?  Very sweet.

Any wife who is lucky enough to have a handy husband who does projects in the house can relate to these facts…

  • Estimate for how long the project will last – x days
  • Actual time the project will last – 4 times x
  • # of days husband will say the work is ‘almost done’ before it actually is – 10
  • # of things left to do once husband says he is done – 8
  • # of times you have to thank husband for the work he’s doing – 5 times the number of days of the project (and yes, I do this every single day)
  • # of times husband needs to visit Home Depot for something needed to move forward that day – minimum of once every day
  • # of tasks required to complete a new bathroom in your basement – infinite

The reason we decided to build a bathroom in the basement was so the kids have a bathroom to use while we renovate their bathroom upstairs.  This means there is no rest for my husband when this project is completed.

All of you men can feel sorry for him.

And the women can feel sorry for me…for all the reasons he will come up with to convince me we should put the other project on hold (and stop hiding his motorcycle keys).  It’s going to be an interesting spring.

After pictures…


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14 Responses to Home Reno Destroys Toronto Family

  1. I love the new bathroom awesome job. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.

    Really awesome and informative blog, keep it up buddy…

    Thanks for posting

  2. yellowcat says:

    That is so beautiful it had to be worth the wait!

  3. That’s stunning!!!!
    I have decided that if we ever move or build- we will need two bathrooms off the main bedroom. Me and my man have grown fond of having our own bathroom…. Well I share with my little girl. Which means we never fighting over bathroom time.
    The most nb part to me is the shower head! Hope yours is awesome.

  4. huffygirl says:

    I love the new bathroom – very nice job. Great that you’re still speaking to each other too.

    Some day I’ll do a post about our kitchen remodel – you’ve inspired me.

  5. Love Love Love the pumpkin colour!!! It looks fab and I’m happy you all survived to tell the tale 🙂

    • Thanks. We are happy we survived too. No matter how much we know home projects are tough, it still happens! I think the day I was grouting the shower tiles and he was plastering over my head and dripping plaster on me was the most fun. 🙂

  6. John Erickson says:

    It looks great! (Especially the grout work! :D) Well done – and heated floors! At the risk of sounding “girlie”, I am SOO jealous! (Hey, I’ve reached that age where there’s at least one trip in the middle of the night – and the bathroom is literally at the other end of the house. And no automatic central heat – we use a wood furnace. Wintertime is ….. interesting.) Unfortunately, I lost my great excuse for no new bathrooms – we’re now hooked up to a sewer line, so I can’t blame things on not knowing where the septic system is. Better get that saw sharpened up…. 😉

  7. It’s really nice. Love the colors. My husband did our main bathroom while I was in Italy in October. I think that was more for his benefit than mine. 😉

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