Boys, Scars, and Trying Times

Little One and his scar

Little One got a new scar this week – and he is thrilled.  I mentioned that his future wife will ask him to stand with his head tilted so the less scarred side of his face will be in the wedding photos.  He asked “what if she is the kind of girl who likes scars on boys faces”?  I told him that would raise a new worry of mine if she thought his scars were as fabulous as he thinks they are.

I’m sure many people think it is cool to have a signature scar on their face.  I may have thought so too – when he had one scar.  He is now up to five.  One from a fall when playing a chase game as a toddler, one from an incident off a bike ramp, two from an especially hostile snowball (iceball) fight, and this latest one from the skateboard.

I’m sure boys were put on this earth to teach moms patience.  Maybe I’ll send him out wrapped in bubble wrap for a few years.

bubble wrap


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13 Responses to Boys, Scars, and Trying Times

  1. yellowcat says:

    Eeeek! That’s a mighty big scar in a very tender area. It will fade in time, but still, YIKES!

  2. what is it with boys and adding “detailing” to themselves?! 😉

  3. Little One has had an exciting few weeks. I’d suggest a safe activity like reading a book, but he might get a paper cut. 😉

  4. Savannah St. Augustine says:

    Ah, do you know I got a scar almost just like that a year ago playing tennis, wacking myself with my own racquet? Husband stitched it up and you can’t even tell 🙂 Just now catching up on your posts and am loving the pictures – are they all your own, or do you find some of them? How do you like my pen name?

  5. huffygirl says:

    Whenever I sew a laceration on a young guy, I stop and ask them if they want to take a “before” picture for Facebook first.

    • Oh huffygirl….they must want to kiss you for that. Maybe you could start a side business by taking the pictures and posting them for your patients!

      My husband and Big One had a motorcycle accident a few years ago. I think I stunned the driver when I jumped into the back of the ambulance as they pulled up at the hospital and snapped a photo of my Big One who was obviously in a lot of pain. I knew she’d thank me later.

  6. John Erickson says:

    The scars are cool – for now. He’ll soon learn, through experience if no other way, that scars are actually “stupid marks” – think of ’em like military rank. The more chevrons on your sleeve, the higher the rank in the Army. The more scars on the face (or other parts), the more stupid stuff you’ve done. (I speak from TREMENDOUS experience, including my “second smile” – an upcurved scar dead centre of my forehead, about 1/4 the size of my normal grin, from where I voluntarily jumped from 10 feet up onto a concrete sidewalk – don’t ask! 😉 ) He’s far more likely, with your guidance, to find a girl who likes him DESPITE the scars – at least that’s what happened for me. I’m sure you’ll steer him in a good direction. Now if he can just get there without further damage! 😀

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