Airport Profile – Toronto Canada

Interested in how airports look around the world…here’s a peak at the Toronto airport in Canada from March 2011 from the front door through to the gate area.  You’ll see the signs in English and French, the wireless access in the washrooms (not sure why that was important), and the plane waiting for us at the window beside the gate.  It has been recently rebuilt and renovated and is beautiful.  Enjoy.

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11 Responses to Airport Profile – Toronto Canada

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  2. yellowcat says:

    Wireless in the restrooms?! o_O

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I am a major Airport Geek and have never had the pleasure of passing though YYZ….looks like a cool place!

  4. huffygirl says:

    The wireless in the restrooms is interesting – seems like you’d never get people out of there and pretty soon a people would be queueing at the door. (See Americans can say ‘queueing’ too – we just don’t use it that much.)

  5. I’m surprised they let you take photos at the airport. We can’t even take photos on our bridges here.

  6. John Erickson says:

    If you ever get to Chicago O’Hare, there is a tunnel that goes underneath some of the airplane parking to one of the newer terminals, number two (if memory serves). The tunnel ceiling is covered in various-colour neon tubes, and and the walls glow various colours. Go to Google images and look for the “Tunnel To Tomorrow”. I’ve attached a single picture that only begins to do it justice. Enjoy!

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