O-H-I-O Fun, No Chocolate

I love Road Trips!

Family road trip to Ohio this week-end.  We had planned a get together with the grandparents, and then found out a niece would be competing in a gymnastics competition in Cleveland so we diverted the trip and met there.  She did great and it was fun to watch her compete.

I told the kids a story along the way.  I went to Ohio State (a long time ago).  A friend of mine in Atlanta said he has two people living on his street who graduated from Ohio State.  I commented that it was quite a coincidence.  He then said “Not really.  Ohio State graduates more people every year than any other school in the country so everywhere you go in the U.S., you can find someone who went to Ohio State.”  I don’t know if either fact is true, but it sure is a good story.

I then told them another anecdote about Ohio.  It is said that anywhere you go in the U.S., if you yell out “O-H”, someone will yell back “I-O”.  No more, no less.  This is the chant at the Ohio State stadium, Ohio residents are all Ohio State fans, and Ohio is a very populated state.  So the chant is well-known.  My kids think I make things up.

Ohio State Fans

So at lunch, out of the blue, my son says softly “O-H” and right on cue, he hears back “I-O”.  Okay, we were in Ohio.  But I still think it holds true.  Not only the chant, but Ohio fans do the Ohio stance where four people make the letters O-H-I-O.  And then they take pictures and share them.  Now can you do that with any other state?

One more trivia fact about Ohio – the age-old joke – what’s round on the ends and high in the middle?  OHIO.

Pecan Billybobs
I am sad to say we went all that way to Cleveland, Ohio and did not make it to Malley’s Chocolate Factory.  It was right there…and we were right there.  What were we thinking?


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8 Responses to O-H-I-O Fun, No Chocolate

  1. laura beck says:

    I wish I knew about your OH-IO trip before to outfit you with a cute red and gray stripedshirt. I’m trying to find Ohio State fan moms to get the word spreading on my Buckeye appropriate shirts. Check out http://www.stripedshirt.com and if you are interested, I’ll send you one to try out!

  2. huffygirl says:

    Too bad about the chocolate. As a University of Michigan alum, aka arch rival of Ohio State, I see chocolate as the only valid reason for entering the state. 🙂

  3. Um, yeah, what were you thinking not going to Malley’s? Looks yummy.

    What’s that statue in the photo? I’d like to see a close-up of that.

  4. John Erickson says:

    Shoot, next time you’re in Ohio (if ever again), let me know beforehand. I’d love to meet you and the rest of the family. And you can show your kids an object lesson of what they should NOT aspire to be! 😉
    And a TINY nitpick. Not all residents of Ohio are OSU fans and know the O-H-I-O chant. There are a few natives that aren’t all that fond of OSU. And there’s the outlander scum who are neither fans nor natives. You know, stuck up, snotty little buggers who move to rural SE Ohio from big cities like Chicago, and then go out and annoy people on their blogs. You don’t happen to know someone like me….I mean, like that, do you? 😀

    • Oh, you are wrong. ALL residents of Ohio are OSU fans. Some (like you) just don’t know it yet!!!!

      I’m sure you are not as bad an example for kids as you make yourself out to be John!

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