Please Pressure Me

I was sitting here tonight thinking I needed motivation – to stick with my martial arts.  I am feeling down today because I have been “stuck” at my blue belt, two stripes.  It takes 4 stripes and then a 2 day test to get to the next (red) belt.

Big One has her 4 stripes and is testing in 2 weeks for her red belt.  I know she has earned it and I don’t feel bad that she is moving forward so well.  I do feel badly that I am not.  Big One and Little One both support me and tell me I’m doing great and I will move forward in time and not to feel down.

The truth is though, I am down.  I think about skipping class, and I think about quitting altogether.

Tonight I googled “need motivation” and found this great site.  It helped.  And one of the suggestions was to use “positive public pressure” by telling people you are trying to achieve a goal so they can support you and you hold yourself accountable to them.

I am publicly stating that I am committed to attending my classes every week until July 01.  By that time, I should be able to motivate myself without public pressure.  Maybe I’ll even have another stripe by then to help.  🙂


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15 Responses to Please Pressure Me

  1. How is it going? I needed that motivation to post on my blog!!Think I am back now! Xx

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  3. It’s Wednesday. Time for martial arts class. (You get a pass for Monday if you didn’t go due to overconsumption of Easter goodies.) 😉

    • Thanks Margaret for all the support. I’m no skipping and the sword fighting helped break the spell. Last night he mentioned that he’ll be checking me soon for my next stripe. Just a few words and it helps immensely.

  4. yellowcat says:

    Get after it! You don’t want to be lazy like me.

  5. How does one get stripes in martial arts classes?

    For me, when I get stuck, I have to up the adrenaline in some way. That’s what that Couch to 5K running program has done for me. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s not just me trying to push myself a bit harder on my own.

    Interesting link. I’m not sure I totally agree with all of it. I think some people are “wired” more for discipline than others. However, there were a lot of going points there.

    You can do it, Techy. What days are your classes? I’m going to cheer you on every week. 🙂

    • Um, that would be “good” points, not “going” points. Going to sleep now. 😐

    • The stripes are earned through a test of specific moves for that level – kicks, blocks, punches, strikes, forms (combination of 10-30 moves), self defense, and break-falls. The frustrating part at times is that you can not ask to be tested. You are selected when the instructor feels you are ready. There is a component of patience that is also part of the testing. That’s the one where I struggle…and therefore probably the one he is testing me on the most. 🙂

      Classes are Monday and Wednesday. I’ll take any cheering you have for me! Thanks Margaret.

    • I do agree we all have different ways of being motivated and need more/less discipline. Having someone support me, challenge me, teach me, and yes even yell out instructions at me seems to work. It’s not for everyone, I know that.

  6. John Erickson says:

    You can do it, you WILL do it, and you’ll look back at this “episode” in a few months and laugh at the doubts you might have. You’ve been through worse and come through with colours flying proudly – this is just one of those silly little “hiccups” in life we all face.
    Heck, I’ll wager my full year’s salary you’ll be red belt by the end of May! 😉
    (I just won’t mention that, since I’m disabled and stuck at home, that grandiose sum of money would be about a buck twenty-five, US! :D)

    • Thanks John. I appreciate your good thoughts. I know I won’t have the red belt by end of May. It’s months (up to 6) between each stripe at this belt level.

      Your encouraging words are helpful. I know I will look back at this and know it was worth it. Being able to blog how hard it is helps sometimes.

  7. carlaat says:

    You can do it!! Maybe focus on just enjoying the class – do you enjoy it?- and less on achieving the red belt goal, and it will come in its own time? Plateaus are hard . . .

    Maybe think about what you would tell one of your kids if this were happening to them. You seem to be a great mom and maybe if you turned it around that way you’ll have another perspective that might help.

    Lastly, would it be ok with you if you stayed at the level you’re at forever? Do you enjoy the martial arts classes anyway? That might help too.

    I get this way with yoga sometimes. I fall off the wagon and then I’m not as flexible and I get unmotivated and I have to remember that class is not a “yoga contest”! (Of course, there aren’t any belts in yoga . . .)

    Good luck to you with your plan!

    • Thanks carlaat…your thoughts helped. I do enjoy the classes and have thought at times that I would be okay staying at this level for a long while, but maybe not forever. Last week was hard as many people moved up so it felt more painful to be ‘stuck’. Your comment about what I would say to the kids also helped.

      I’d share my belts with you. You’d look pretty stylish in them walking into yoga class. That made me smile. Thanks for the support.

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