Use Me

I was feeling a bit down about my martial arts training and reached out for help.  Thanks for the great comments and support.  It is helping.

Tonight at class – after thinking “I don’t feel like going, but I’ve made a commitment” and kicking myself in the butt – I had a great experience.

At the start of class, our instructor asked us to sit comfortably because he wanted to talk for a bit.  Here’s what he said.

He spoke of the commitment we each need to make to our training and the positive attitude we need to give to each aspect.  He then used me as an example of someone who doesn’t necessarily look forward to push-ups, but who always executes with focus and positive energy.

He stressed when students do that, they help themselves and they also help the rest of the class.  When we do our “kai-yep” (yell) at the beginning of the push-ups, we are displaying our readiness and our engagement in the action.  It helps other students who may be distracted, or negative, or struggling because our positive energy is energizing to them.

He went on to say I was a great example of someone who comes to class, puts aside everything that is happening in my life, and for that hour give everything I have both physically and mentally to my training including encouragement for my classmates.

How cool is that?


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9 Responses to Use Me

  1. Read my latest post Techy…it will help!! Keep on trucking little engine!! 🙂 I believe in you!

  2. huffygirl says:

    Very cool indeed! I’d sure like to see a picture of you doing those pushups in a future post!

    • Oh huffygirl, I will openly tell you my form is not good. There are mirrors everywhere and I have been using them to help but the body is resisting! When you see people do push-ups and their body is parallel to the floor and they touch their nose to the ground, I can not accomplish either of these things. (yet!)

  3. John Erickson says:

    Good job! I may be off on my time estimates (the only thing I know about red belts is they go with green suspenders at Christmas! :D), but I still have the faith you will continue to kick butts and take names. You go, girl! 😉

  4. I love when the universe gives you exactly what you need…exactly when you need it. Well done, universe…and you too, Techy. 😉

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