Dinner Fun

Dinner tonight with two great friends.

Food to share always tastes better

Conversation that rambles, stories intermingling, and catching up

Some moral support for my job search

Add a few updates on people we all know

One great evening


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2 Responses to Dinner Fun

  1. John Erickson says:

    Sounds like fun! Somebody needs to set up an Internet service, for those of us who can’t get out, to pair up with similar folk, and tele-conference nice, friendly meals. (Yeah, I know, that sounds horrifically pathetic.) Maybe that’s your next million-dollar idea? 😀

    • Hi John. That actually sounds like a great idea and not just for people who can’t get out, but also for people too busy with life to make time for the getting ready/going out/relaxing part. I have a friend that I do “virtual teas” with…we both get our tea, and then call and chat while we drink it.

      The virtual dinner party could also help reduce the weight since I probably eat more when I am out than when I am in!

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