Marvelous Mystery Lunches

Tomorrow's lunch is ready to go!

If you make school lunches for kids, you know that you get into a routine.  Even if you are very creative and spend time coming up with different ideas for every day of the week, you still have some pattern to the rotation.

My husband makes the lunches for Big One and Little One.  I think they are old enough to make their own lunches and also think it is a good habit for them to get into.  There are three votes against me.  He doesn’t mind doing it and they love having Dad make the lunch so I stay out of it.

Dad is away this week.  This means either I put my foot down and have them make their own lunch or I am on lunch making duty.

This is made especially hard due to the fact that I don’t do the grocery shopping or the cooking in the house.  I decided I am up to the challenge.  I’m not making gourmet food, but I am making things that are mostly healthy, interesting to the kids, and varied.  There is no routine for me to make the lunches, so everything is a surprise.  I went to the grocery, bought things not normally on the weekly list and packed them up.  I don’t want the job forever, but I am enjoying it a little bit.

Both Big One and Little One came home from school today and said “Awesome lunch Mom”.  The only thing they had concerns with was the toothpick in the wrap sandwich that they bit into.  Live and learn.


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8 Responses to Marvelous Mystery Lunches

  1. carlaat says:

    Lunch club is a great idea! We did it at my school for a while (the faculty did) and it was the absolute best thing ever. We had about ten participants, so you only had to bring lunch every two weeks for ten people. We had the best food and it completely shifted my approach to my day. I so looked forward to lunch back then!

  2. Techy, Can you make my lunch for tomorrow? Preetttyyy please?

  3. huffygirl says:

    Looks like pretty good lunches.

    I always hated making my kids lunches and finally passed the job on to my husband too. I felt like I made all the dinners, so making all the lunches too was just too much.

    I’m surprised by people in my office who buy lunch out every single day. It’s so much more practical to bring a lunch from home, and just buy lunch occasionally. But then, you do have to go through packing that lunch…

    • So far, so good. Making them for a week is okay, but I’m sure anyone doing it for all the years of school loses their mind eventually.

      I agree about the price of eating out vs. the task of making the lunch. Maybe everyone should pack a lunch for the people in the house next door, and then rotate. Could be like a club. 🙂

  4. John Erickson says:

    Don’t you just hate when generational assumptions come back and bite you? I ALWAYS look for the toothpicks – much to the confusion of my younger co-workers when I was working in Chicago. Folks 15 years my junior couldn’t figure out what I was doing, and couldn’t understand my explanation. “Why put toothpicks in sandwiches?”
    Youth is wasted on the young! 😀

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