Road Closed and Late Kids

The city closed a road by my house.  I understand road construction needing to be done.  I also understand they may need to close the road in order to do it.

I don’t understand though why they need to close a road for 5 MONTHS for construction and I’m grumpy about it.

The part of the road that is closed is very short, but impacts so many people.  It is a main road that leads to the highway, and is on the direct path to 4 schools including the two my kids go to.  This means all the people trying to get to the highway are now on other smaller roads backing up all the people trying to get kids to schools.  The alternate road being used also has train tracks that are used multiple times a day.

Lots of traffic, lots of waiting, lots of late people.

I would be okay with this except for the already mentioned 5 months.  There’s got to be a better way.


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11 Responses to Road Closed and Late Kids

  1. boomrethink says:

    Remember 5 months is the “prediction” Let’s hope they are good “predictors” and it isn’t longer!

  2. goldendestroyer says:

    *lick* my mom (u used to know her as croneandbearit) says all we got around these parts is those danged orange cones – it’s like constantly driving through an obstacle course. I, of course, don’t understand any of this coz I can’t drive.

  3. I feel your pain. We have “main roads” that are “under construction” for two years….seriously? We are paying you to do what??? grrr….patience is a virtue I suppose…..

  4. John Erickson says:

    If you were in Illinois, I’d know the reason. See, the construction workers have to carefully survey both the areas of the road to be worked on, and the surrounding shoulder areas, take soil samples to determine the exact make-up of the surrounding ground, and carefully study overhead satellite shots in order to lay out the most exacting gridwork of the construction area. That way, the workers know PRECISELY where to stab their shovels into the ground to support the workers for a good, sound 8 hours of sleep. 😉
    There’s a reason the US Teamsters’ Union coat-of-arms contains a horse. It’s the only animal that can sleep standing up! (That is NOT my joke! All current or former Teamsters need NOT direct death threats my way! 😀 )

    • John–how long did it take 80/90 to get the construction taken care of….? Didn’t that take a few years? That was the most annoying drive ever…

      • John Erickson says:

        In Illinois and Northwest Indiana, we don’t measure construction time in years, we measure it in eras. I think the 80/90 reconstruction was SLIGHTLY shorter than the Jurassic era. Or was it the Pleistocene? 😉

        • Oh – so sorry to hear this. It appears my pain is feeling small in comparison!

        • John Erickson says:

          No problem, you have to realise in the Chicago area, there are two seasons – winter, and road construction. Mother nature, using wussy stuff like snow, destroys our roads in 4 months. Man, with all his magnificent technologies and wondrous machines, takes the other 8 months, and doesn’t even catch up! Too much time spent by the workers making sure their shovel handles are strong enough to support their weight, I guess. 😀

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