Delicious Donuts

Mother’s day dinner out.  It was delicious, and the kids were fun, and we told stories about when they were born and I became a mother.  As we walked into the hospital for the birth of Big One (planned C-section), I stopped walking and said loudly that I was not ready and I wanted to go home.

Okay, I know we all have our stories and they are better told when the person who was born is one of the people listening so I won’t go into any more details!

I will just say I had a wonderful mother’s day and we ended the dinner with a shared basket of donut holes with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce.  Yum.

Donuts and dipping sauce


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7 Responses to Delicious Donuts

  1. John Erickson says:

    Glad to hear you had a Happy Mother’s Day! And I envy you those donut holes. 😉

  2. That looks great! I ended my meal with Cascos de Guayaba con Queso Blanco. Um num num.

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