Heavy Heart Today

Bullying stops here

Little One had his birthday Monday and boys that age do “birthday beats” where they punch your arm once for each year.  Something a mom can not understand, but he seemed okay with it.  He did say two of the boys took it a bit too far and his arm was very tender and he had trouble doing all his martial arts moves that night.  We talked, he seemed fine, and I chalked it up to a stupid teen-age boy tradition that we are now done with for the year.

Today I got a call from the school.  The two boys mentioned above decided to carry on the punching today.  Fortunately…

  • they did it in class
  • Little One yelled at them to cut it out
  • the teacher took it seriously
  • the boys are being dealt with
  • the school has a “no bullying” policy
  • I was home when the school called
  • I was able to bring Little One home for lunch so he could just hang for 30 minutes
  • he knows he has a family he can tell anything to

My heart is heavy because he had to deal with something so stupid.  And I can’t know how it feels to be a teen-age boy.  I know my husband will talk to him man-to-man and they will get to make up scenarios where my son uses his martial arts and beats those kids to a pulp.  And I also know that he won’t actually do anything unless he is put in a position where he needs to.  (not just because he wants to)

As I drove him back after lunch, I told him it was hard for a mom to understand.  That I “got it” when Big One talked about how girls are mean, but it was in a different way.  Girls saying they don’t like your outfit, or excluding you from a social outing, or talking behind your back instead of punching you in person.

He looked at me and said “yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that”.

My heart is heavy so his won’t need to be.

heavy heart


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11 Responses to Heavy Heart Today

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  2. Bullying is a terrible thing. Kids are so cruel. Hang in there and continue being you. Your little one will appreciate it more when he is older and it is so wonderful you have that sort of closeness with your son. BIG HUGS TECHY!!!

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    You’re a great Mom! 🙂

  4. I feel for you, Techy. I’ve been going through some of this with Wee One.

    • Oh Margaret. Sorry to hear you are going through similar…thanks for the support. I keep hoping this will be a funny story in a year, not the start of an issue. Boys really can be stupid.

  5. John Erickson says:

    Oh, I know that situation ALL too well, even if it was over 3 decades ago. Unfortunately, I had neither the training nor the physique for self-defence – instead, I was overweight and wore glasses. That is where my bizarre, and frequently self-deprecating, sense of humour comes from. If I made a joke first, especially about myself, then I had beat the bullies to the “punch”. Trust me, I feel for him.
    It sounds like you have the situation under control. And you’re a great mom to empathise with him. I hope this is the end of it, for both your sakes’.

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