Magnificent Magnolia

My magnolia tree is blooming.  It only lasts for about 7 days, or 4 hours if you listen to my husband.  I wouldn’t care if it only bloomed for 4 minutes – it is stunning to look at and delicious to smell.

These pictures are from the tree in my yard.  Enjoy.

Magnolia blossoms dancing in the spring

Beautiful magnolia blossom

Magnolia tree reaching for the sky


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10 Responses to Magnificent Magnolia

  1. yellowcat says:

    Nothing is blooming here. Nothing. 😦

  2. Techy, how beautiful! That is what happened to my poor tulips…all of a week or so in bloom then kaput…oh well a short bloom is better than no bloom! 🙂

  3. John Erickson says:

    Beautiful shots!

  4. carlaat says:

    Yay for the magnolias! So funny that these were blooming for me in February!

  5. dragonfae says:

    Very pretty! What variety of Magnolia is it? I’ve got a Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) in my front yard but it’s flowers are no where near that lovely.

    • Hi dragonfae. My tree is a saucer magnolia. The blossoms look like tulips before they open and are stunning to look at. I have neighbours whose trees look like ‘specimens’…you know, perfectly shaped, blossoms covering every branch? Mine needs a bit of help but still makes me smile.

      I looked up your tree type. It looks just as lovely with white blossoms that almost look like wedding bouquets. I bet if you look up close at one blossom, it is as gorgeous as mine!

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