Rain Pain

Enough already.  The rain has been here for too long and it is expected to be here for much longer still.  The 14 day forecast in Toronto includes 10 days of rain and 2 more days of potential rain.

I know it’s Spring and we should expect rain.  But every day?  Does anyone like this?

Maybe the weathermen like it because they can go to work, say it’s going to rain, and go home.  We have a weatherman living on my street.  Maybe I’ll ask him.  Then again, he’s probably as tired of talking about the rain as we are living with it.  I bet weathermen love the days they get to talk about the sun coming out for the week-end.  It doesn’t seem like a very fun job overall so I’ll leave him alone.

I tried to find out if we were breaking records, but I got too depressed reading about the rainfall we’ve had and what’s yet to come.  To the rain…enough already.


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9 Responses to Rain Pain

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  2. Rain makes the moments where the sun is out an bright so much sweeter! It allows us to gain much appreciation 🙂

  3. yellowcat says:

    We’ve had nothing but rain & snow here for weeks. I’m sick of it.

  4. carlaat says:

    Wow. We need rain. It’s barely rained here for over a month. We need your rain on our ground, not flowing down our river instead! Hope the forecast is wrong and you get some dry weather soon.

    • Thanks carlaat. I’d send you some rain if I could. My husband and I were talking about how with global trade, you’d think we could find a way for global weather trading. I know we don’t have the issues with flooding that others are enduring so I am trying not to complain but these grey days are tough when there are so many in a row. Yes, it did rain again today.

  5. John Erickson says:

    It’s been rainy most of the last 5 or 6 days here, and we’ve got another 4-5 days of rain in the forecast. Our problem is, it rains for a few hours, then the sun comes out for a few hours, then it rains again. If we get the predicted weather, I’m gonna need a machete to find my garage! 🙂
    Then again, think of it this way. At least you’re not in New Orleans. If I believed in curses, I’d hire an exorcist for the whole town! I’m just hoping it quits raining over the feeder rivers – but not yet, as we ducked some weekend rain here, but it did rain in far south Ohio, right into the Ohio river which feeds the mighty Mississippi. 😦
    Think dry thoughts for the folk along that river, from Cairo Illinois on down.

    • Thanks John. I am trying to see the positive side of this. My neighbour had flooding in his basement and I just have to endure endless greyness and being soaked everywhere I go. They are predicting one day of sun on Saturday. If it’s true, I’m going to sit outside all day and soak in the vitamin D. 🙂

      (my grass is also out of control)

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