Dandelions Lose and Hope Fulfilled

Green Grass
The sun came out today and hope is fulfilled.  The grass is cut, and green, and lush. (if a bit soggy underneath)  Everyone I spoke to during my day mentioned the sunshine.  We were all starving for it.

The dandelions in the yard are cut.  The ones in the garden have been pulled out by the roots.  Not so hard when the dirt is wet and soggy about 20 inches down.

Dandelions – 0; me – 100.

A brief update…the muscle pain is now minimal.  Thanks for all the good wishes from the blog-o-sphere.


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6 Responses to Dandelions Lose and Hope Fulfilled

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  2. yellowcat says:

    My grass is going to be waist high before it dries out enough for me to mow it. I’m so tired of the rain.

  3. I tolk my daughter that the dandelions were the only flowers she could pick without asking. I followed you from post-it-notes from a idiot boss 🙂

    PS – I think we hit a rain record… I am not far from you

  4. boomrethink says:

    We used to get paid as kids by parents to pick dandelions. I think we got a penny for every five. What a violation of child labor laws! (lol)

  5. huffygirl says:

    My little granddaughter enjoyed picking the dandelions, even though we don’t really enjoy seeing them among our grass.

  6. John Erickson says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. My dandelions … er … lawn gets the chop tomorrow. (The weathermen traded our sun today and gloomy tomorrow for gloomy today, so we’re hoping for the sun tomorrow – watch ’em sabotage us!) I’d be more enthusiastic, but with the idiot neighbor who hasn’t mowed his lawn since LAST May, any lawn work I do looks wonderful. So I’m slacking a bit – yeah, shame on me. Makes up for all the years I killed myself in Chicago doing the suburban “lawn warfare” thing. (My father has over a dozen hand implements for lawn tending, including a wicked looking “aerator” – think about 16 12-pointed ninja throwing stars on a handle. That goes on my car when we all go “Mad Max”.) 😀

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