Freedom Friday

Today is my last official day of freedom before starting my new job.  I know I have the week-end, but everyone else gets that too.  I made the most of it and the sun came for a surprise visit as the weatherman called for rain today.  Remember when I said I think these days they just go to work, say “more rain”, and head home?  I am so happy the sun decided to come out against all forecasts.

I wanted to share some special moments with all of you…

Hello sunshine – late afternoon sun, not giving up on the day yet.

Hello sunshine

Fabulous flowers – the tiny blossoms on my dogwood tree.  They aren’t really suggested for growing in Toronto since they need specific weather conditions for weeks in order to blossom.  My dad always had them in his yard, so I have one in mine and this year it did bloom.  🙂

Fabulous flowers

Welcome wanderer – if you are travelling through Toronto and see this terrific welcoming display, stop in and say hello.

Welcome wanderer


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5 Responses to Freedom Friday

  1. A little late but, horay!

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  3. huffygirl says:

    Congratulations Techy – I don’t remember hearing about the new job. Did I miss it?

  4. John Erickson says:

    A lot of our flowers around here never came out. Two of the regularly-blooming lilacs barely produces tiny clumps. Even our tulips only lasted 3 days. I think things got starved of sunlight, or flooded, or both. Or were damaged when the ham-handed workers installed the new sewer line to our house. 😦
    On the brighter side, I do have an over-eager batch of softwood Maple trees, so I finally get to have trees on our property!
    Then again, the biggest “tree” is about 3 foot tall. But I have hope!

  5. I love the sunlight and shadow on your “Welcome Wanderer” shot. I also like the contrast between the hard surfaces (the brick, metal, and paving stones) and the softness of the flowers. Great shot!

    –J.A.Robinson. My humorous photoblog:

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