Hello Harold Camping, Did You Plant Your Flowers?


This week-end is the unofficial planting week-end where I live.  It’s a long week-end with Queen Victoria Day on Monday, the weather is (almost) sure not to dip below freezing again, and the nurseries are all open.

End of the world

I know the world was supposed to end last night according to Harold Camping, but I decided to go ahead and plant yesterday anyway.

I have to tell you though that none of my neighbours did any planting yesterday.  Do you think they were hoping to avoid the work of gardening in the event they wouldn’t be here to enjoy it?  Slackers…or believers?  You tell me.

Rose of Sharon flower

I dug dirt, weeded weeds, bought flowers and 2 beautiful Rose of Sharon trees (if you don’t have one, you should), and planted everything yesterday and today.  While everyone else is catching up over the next week or two, I will just be watering and enjoying the stunning blossoms.


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4 Responses to Hello Harold Camping, Did You Plant Your Flowers?

  1. yellowcat says:

    My roommate is all about the Mayan end of the world thing. I roll my eyes every time he brings it up. He knew better to talk about Harold Camping.

  2. I love your flowers! Keep planting…you have at least until October now!! 😉

  3. charlywalker says:

    I started early as well……mine don’t look like yours…..
    Great pic’s!

  4. huffygirl says:

    Sounds wonderful Techy. I haven’t done any gardening with all the bad weather we’ve had – lot’s of work is waiting for me out there. Maybe Harold and everyone else are planting their flowers today.

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