Geek Failure

I am a closet geek.  Not a Star Wars or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy geek, but a geek who loves math riddles and puzzles, and a corporate leader who LOVES to work with geeks.  To watch them think, and give them problems to solve, and challenge them to come up with ideas that seem impossible at first.

So, how did I miss Geek Pride Day yesterday? (May 25)  Maybe I was so hidden in the closet that nobody thought to knock on the door and tell me.  I feel left out.  I’m marking my calendar for next year.

Think Geek

Geek Pride Day


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4 Responses to Geek Failure

  1. John Erickson says:

    I love that shirt! And the sad part is, I got it right away – of course, with 15 years in I/T and another 5 messing around on Apple IIs, it might have been sadder if I hadn’t.
    And darn it, I missed it too! I was busy setting up for what was supposed to be a night of wild storms. We got 30 minutes of drizzle, TOPS. Weathermen – can’t live with them, and for some bizarre reason, it’s illegal to shoot them. 😉
    Next year, definitely! (And kudos for knowing about the Hitchhiker’s Guide!)

  2. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Well, my “geek” husband had to explain it to me! HA. Of course, I saw it as the number ten. He’s not a computer code guy, but he was able to explain a bit. Funny for the “geek.” 🙂 something to do with switches being on and off?

    Bill said he LOVED the T-shirt! thought it was quite clever.

    Our 5 year old doesn’t quite read yet, but this morning she wrote “MOM” under her drawing. I told her how to spell it once (long time ago), and then I had her sound out dad. I’m sure in no time she’ll understand binary and start talking code around me as a secret language. On/On/off/off mom. What? I told Bill he better brush up now and be able to decode for me.

    lake forest, CA USA

    • That’s funny that you had it explained to you instead of just passing it by and thinking it was stupid. Tell Bill hi. I thought the shirt was so clever that I showed it to everyone in my house. They think I’m going off the edge…

      Yep, 5 year old sounds like she is on a course to challenge you! Just as she should.

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