Little One Got A Raise

I wanted to post that Little One is a bad boy because he leaves his hats on the table…but he asked me to post that he got a raise today instead.

Little One has been working for 6 months at the martial arts academy.  He is a “membership coordinator”.  He works the front desk, greets people, signs them up for memberships, processes the monthly payments, and fits new students for uniforms.

He knows the names of all the 260 members at the academy, and the names of almost every parent of the 175 youth members.  He is learning a lot about business, and motivation, and how to handle difficult conversations when someone has not paid their membership fees.

Today his boss, the owner of the academy, told him he is doing such a great job that he is getting a raise.

happy dance

He came home and did a little happy dance for me singing “I got a raise, I got a raise”.  Little One was glad he didn’t find out until the end of his shift or he would have been dancing while working because he was so happy.

I guess I can forgive his hats on the table for today.  But tomorrow, Little One, put your stuff away.


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3 Responses to Little One Got A Raise

  1. Congrats, Little One, on a job well done.

  2. dragonfae says:

    Congrats to the Little One!

    My ex used to leave articles of clothing all over the house. Drove me nuts. No amount of talking, nagging, cajoling, or yelling worked. So I got a large box and stuck it in a closet he never went in to. Anything of his I found that wasn’t put away went into the box. I did have to reveal the “secret of the missing clothes” when he ran out of stuff to wear, but only then. *evil laugh*

  3. John Erickson says:

    Good grief, I couldn’t remember that number of names when my brain WASN’T fried by my meds! Impressive!
    Ya know, if you want to teach him a lesson about leaving hats lying about, you could confiscate the hat he leaves behind, and send it to me. Then, if you want to make nice, I can send you one back from my wife’s work, a small restaurant here in Ohio. That should make an unusual addition to his collection, and as long as the hat covers my bald head, I could care less what’s on it. Warning – I have a fat head, literally! 😀 (Over size 8 – I forget how much.)

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