Milestone Surprises

SAT study guide

I took Big One to her SAT – The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly the Scholastic Aptitude Test) today.

I did not think of this as a milestone.  I thought of it as a necessity for her and a bit of an irritation for me having to get up early on Saturday.  We got there early, found her room number for the test, and sat in the cafeteria with all the other kids and parents waiting for the signal to move to the test rooms.

We started talking about how it feels to take this test including the nerves and expectations, and the outcomes and possibilities it can unlock for her.  I told her how I had to take the test in a city away from where I lived because I had been in some competition the day it was given near my home.  I drove another kid to the test – a wrestler – who had also missed our hometown test due to a wrestling match.  I said I didn’t think he was as nervous as I was because he didn’t expect to get a very high score.  I also remembered walking out to my car that morning and finding someone had dumped jars of mustard onto the paint as a prank so we had to drive to the test with a ‘mustard mural’ on the car.  It smelled bad when we came out of the test and the sun was melting it.  Funny how that memory came back to me today.

Big One went off to the test and I walked out to the car.  Surprise tears popped into my eyes.  I never thought of this as a milestone, but here it was.  A test she will take, a score she will receive, a list of schools who will accept her based on this morning’s activities.  Those schools could be far away, and she might be interested in going to them.

It was all just talk before.  Now the rubber is hitting the road and my heart fell between the two.  I am proud of her and raised her to grow up and be confident and pull away from me.  Sure sounds better in theory than it feels as it happens.

rubber hits the road

When I pick her up, I’ll smile and ask how she did and tell her how proud I am.  She won’t know about the tears and the fears…until she has a Big One of her own.


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7 Responses to Milestone Surprises

  1. Savannah St. Augustine says:

    Doesn’t seem so long ago when we both moved to the big city from our hometown – remember how excited we were? Well that’s how “only” felt this weekend in Nashville…cannot WAIT to get back down there, and I had to do a lot of deep breathing in order to shove that lump down in my throat and not let him see me sad, but happy for him. Anyway, you are right that it’s easier in theory than practice. Enjoy this last year 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    Your adventure is just beginning! We moms think dropping our kids off at kindergarten is tough — wait ’til you drop them off at college, far from home! But remember, mom, we’re supposed to give them roots and wings — roots for grounding them in the basics and wings to soar. Good for you, not letting her see your tears — no way should kids have to feel guilty for leaving the nest!

  3. Is it just one test? I thought it would be an exam based on all the subjects you had done. That is what happens here in south africa…. You write big exams at school, for all the subjects you have studied, and from there your results determine whether ou can go to university,and what you are able to study.
    Always presumed everyone else was the same.

  4. charlywalker says:

    I recently took my son to his SAT last May…
    Here are 3 books you should get for the next little victim:
    100 math Tips for the SAT, 500 Key words for the SAT,& Writing Rules!
    Author:Charles Gulotta ( he is also a
    I bought that big fat SAT prep book, and these small ones combined cost less and are less intimidating.

  5. We have that big fat blue book at our house too. Hope your Big One did great yesterday!

  6. dragonfae says:

    I can so relate. Our daughter only lives 20 miles from us yet we rarely see her … she’s so busy doing her own thing and taking care of the business of living. Being a mom is so hard sometimes. *hugs*

  7. John Erickson says:

    It’s the unexpected milestones that get you. And sorry about your car with the mustard mural. Maybe it’s my gearhead upbringing, but you just don’t mess with somebody’s ride. Unless it looked like my Vega in high school – half rusted away and 3 different colours of paint, rust, and tar. In that case, even I wouldn’t have known! 😀

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