Loving Friday

So many people and things to love in life, but these are some small ones that could have passed me by today without notice if I let them…

  • warm breeze on my face and a cool iced coffee as I drove home from work
  • light traffic today, how does that happen?
  • a surprising “run in” to an old colleague and a few words to catch up
  • Big One texting me at work that she and her friend made it safely to the mall and were “proud” of themselves (they had to mapquest the directions and drive on the highway)
  • Little One grabbing his helmet just before jumping on his longboard for a ride
  • the kids had their chores done when I got home (my goal every Friday, but seldom occurs)
  • an episode of House on tonight that I haven’t seen 🙂
  • two Oreo cookies at lunch

Oreo Cookies


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2 Responses to Loving Friday

  1. You gotta love a day like that! Glad the stars–and Oreos–aligned for you. 😉

  2. John Erickson says:

    Holy cow, what a wonderful confluence of delightful events! Maybe you should’ve stopped off and put a couple bucks on the lottery. Then again, maybe that would have pushed your luck JUST a bit too much! 😀
    Have a good weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to your other half.

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