Please Just Do Your Job!

Keep your commitments!

I teach my kids to meet their commitments and be honest and trustworthy and follow through.  Geez….I sure wish some other people would teach their kids that and then when those people are providing service to me, I would have a good experience.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I can find the positive in any experience – car accident, rainy days, home renovations, and even getting 3 traffic tickets.

This week is dragging me down.  I’ve had no time to post because all my spare time has been spent chasing down people to get them to do their jobs.  You might think I mean at my new corporate job, but nooooooo……the job is the easiest thing to work through this week.

The car was hit and I had trouble getting the estimate approved and the work to start.  That was finally completed, dropped the car off, got a rental car covered by insurance, and found out the parts would take 2-3 weeks to arrive.  This means I would drive a crappy rental car while my brand new convertible sits in a parking lot waiting for parts for a few weeks.  Remember, I live in Canada so the days of enjoying a convertible are short-lived each year.  Many conversations later – I have my damaged car back, the crappy rental is returned, and I will enjoy driving in the sunshine until the parts arrive.  Why did I have to suggest this and push for it?  arghhhhhhh…but this is my minor issue this week.

Doors on my house…  I ordered exterior doors for my house on May 05 – front doors with sidelights, and back doors with integrated screens that will open out so they no longer hit the kitchen table and chairs when I want to enjoy the backyard.  Heaven.

Except the doors seem like they will never arrive.  I have been on the phone 9 times in the last week.  The sales representative is no longer with the company and the sales manager for Ontario is new.  I DON’T CARE.  This should not be my problem.  The doors were to be installed June 30.  Now it looks like they are scheduled to arrive at the warehouse July 31 and nobody knows (if and) when they will be on my house.

I am not happy.  I decided to check out a competitor to see if they could get me doors faster and yes, they can.  I am now deciding if I cancel my order and take my business elsewhere, or try to get the damn doors and some kind of compensation from the store.

What do you think?  What would you do?

I posted a note on the store’s Facebook page and got a response asking if I would give details so they could look into it.  Once this is resolved – positive or negative – I will provide the company’s name.  I’m giving them a chance for 2 more days.

This is not the door I ordered, but it sure looks nice.

front door


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8 Responses to Please Just Do Your Job!

  1. Catherine says:

    Ugh how annoying! I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. Hope things have improved…I have to admit, I’ve always respected your positivity, it sure does take a lot to get you down! Makes me want to beat up whoever hurt you 🙂

  2. charlywalker says:

    Well when one door closes…….you get another door!

    Great Blog!

  3. yellowcat says:

    There’s a difference in finding the good in a bad situation and getting walked on. I say take your business elsewhere. There are only so many days to enjoy the backyard and no amount of compensation will fix that.

  4. Ugh, I hate when things like that go wrong. Hope your tomorrow is much better!

  5. These are just the things that get me foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Hope everything turns out okay.

  6. LOL….you did make me smile. Thanks. May 05, 2011, not May of 2005. So maybe you think now that my 12 weeks is short compared to the 6 years you thought!!!

    • johncerickson says:

      Well…. twelve weeks IS better than 6 years (I thought that sounded odd), though still not terribly speedy. I think I’d still check the competition out, get a written quote from them, then go after the original firm. If they don’t offer you some price cut or other compensation, I’d still say fire the bums and go with the competitor. See if you can check the competition out through something like “Angie’s List” or other online review, just do you don’t walk into a whole ‘nother set of problems!

  7. johncerickson says:

    First off, good to see you back! Shame it has to be in such irritating surroundings.
    I won’t apologise for the goofs at the car repair shop, but the standard is to keep the damaged car, no matter how minor the damage. Safety regs get into it, depending on company and location. When they found out how long it would take to get the parts, somebody should have summoned the initiative to offer you your car back. Initiative is sorely lacking in this day and age.
    FIRE THOSE DOOR WIENIES! (Sorry, I have trouble expressing my feelings sometimes. 😉 ) 6 years to get your doors? Next time, gimme a call. I’ll sleep in your attic, bring my own tools, custom-cut you ANY door style you want, and it’ll take DAYS, not YEARS!
    Just be sure you can get all your money back – the current idiots might try to invent a “non-refundable deposit” or some such nonsense.
    Hope you had a happy Canada Day! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. And welcome back! 🙂

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