My Car Is Hexed

Got the new car in May and a sleeping driver smashed into the back of it in June.  Doesn’t look too bad, but the parts need to come from Germany so it is a long process to get the repairs done.

I was scheduled to take it in on Monday morning for repairs.

Sunday night, my husband took my car (unusual) to pick up Little One.  When they got home, Little One left the window open. (not cracked, ALL the way open)

We haven’t had rain in weeks.  The grass is brown and there is a lot of talk daily about the heat.

I know you see it coming…

Sunday night we had the worst storm of the summer.  Big, booming thunder and tons of lightning cracks.  Rain pouring down all night.  I opened the door to get in the car Monday morning and found a lake had been deposited inside.

A few inches of water on the floor.  A few inches of rain inside the leather seats.

Out came the towels and the shop vacuum and a few choice words.  And then I dropped off the dripping wet car at the shop and said good-bye.  I assume it will be dried out by the time I pick it up.

I wonder what will happen to my car next month.


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4 Responses to My Car Is Hexed

  1. huffygirl says:

    Sounds like your car is due for a month off.

  2. Is your car a German make? I had it in my hollow little head that it was Korean….
    Wal-Mart sells a cute little “closet dehumidifier”. I use it on the cars when the weather shifts from hot and humid to cold and wetter (several times spring and fall). One will suck all the condensation out of our mid-size station wagon in about 2 hours. I believe they’re about $50 bucks around here (SE Ohio) – not sure what that might translate to. If you can’t find them in the store, check
    And get that car blessed! That thing needs an exorcism or something. 😀

  3. dragonfae says:

    Yikes! That really sucks. 😦 I hope things improve for your poor car.

  4. carlaat says:

    Sorry to hear that – hope that nothing happens to your car next month!

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