Glorious Garden

Enjoy these photos from my garden.

and a beautiful path in the forest…



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7 Responses to Glorious Garden

  1. Kemi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. huffygirl says:

    I’m down with the path too. What is it about paths? I think the possibility that they may take us somewhere wonderful!

  3. There’s nothing I like more than a path in the woods. In fact, I have a gorgeous photo of one hanging on my home office wall, thanks to my friend John, a professional photographer. I sometimes feel like I can step into that picture, pass through the gap in the fence, and walk around the bend into the woods. It’s that real.

  4. Julie says:

    Love the flowers and the path!

  5. Fabulous. Thanks!! Hope you are looking forward to a great week-end.

  6. John Erickson says:

    Oh blogging lady, on path so shady,
    How does your garden grow?
    With flowers of yellow, and lilacs so mellow.
    Such wonderful pictures you show!
    Burma Shave. 😀

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