Went to a Technology Conference and Danced with Jon Bon Jovi

Sometimes life just throws unexpected treats in front of you.

I went to the Gartner conference in October in Florida held at Disney (one of the few places in the US I was told that can handle a conference of 8,500 people) – a bunch of geeks talking about how technology has / continues to change the world.  Interesting if you are a geek like me, probably very boring if you are not.

One of the vendors was celebrating a major win in court and sharing the celebration with geeks (obviously to promote the company name, but that’s okay) by paying Bon Jovi to come and put on a private concert at Downtown Disney and giving out 3,000 free tickets.  So, that’s how I ended up spending the evening dancing with Bon Jovi.  Not that he knew it as I was only one of the 1,000 standing and dancing and singing every word with him. (yes, you can pity the guy standing in front of me for having to listen to me singing badly in his ear, but I did keep his rum and coke topped up as payment)

I’ve never been to the House of Blues before in Downtown Disney.  I also didn’t realize I would know the words to every song Bon Jovi would sing – his own as well as several cover songs he performed from other artists.

We thought it might be a trick, either a “stunt double” doing his songs, or that he would come out and play just a few songs after we listened to the two opening bands.  But, no… Jon Bon Jovi performed for over an hour with the house band, taking no breaks, cracking a few jokes, and telling us he had not been this close to an audience in 25 years.  I was in the “cheap seats” – about 20 rows back.  What a gift of an unexpected surprise, a break from geek talk, and a chance to just enjoy a fabulous performance.

Videos posted to youtube (not mine) of Livin’ on a Prayer and We Weren’t Born to Follow.  Not great sound quality, but still nice to look at him.

I’ll give a plug to the sponsor of the event – versata – they are a global enterprise software company based in Austin, Texas.  Thanks Versata, and thanks Jon.  🙂


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8 Responses to Went to a Technology Conference and Danced with Jon Bon Jovi

  1. carlaat says:

    What a great story! I would have sung along too!

  2. Huffygirl says:

    How fun. that would make me feel young again.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Sounds like a great time Gord…… Jon seems like a cool dude, I’m not surprised he did a great show without his usual backing band.

  4. crush-monkey says:

    Very very cool !!! : )

  5. John Erickson says:

    Wow – tech talk AND Bon Jovi! (Where’s an ENVIOUS icon when you need one? 😀 )

  6. Hey, Techy. 😀 This looked like a great night. I’ve been watching the videos on YouTube. He did a lot of covers. If I listen really hard, I can actually hear Jon singing over the guy taking the video. 😉

    • Hi Margaret. He sure did…and that was a surprise to all. Sang a Rolling Stones song and did a dance like Mick, and then laughed and said he wasn’t afraid to say he stole the move. I’m sure most people didn’t hear much of Jon singing over the other 3,000 people.

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