Concentric Circles Changed My Life

Concentric circles, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Bausch and Lomb changed my life.

concentric circles

Who knew these three things – a shape, a person, and a company would converge to change my life.

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with the idea of contact lenses, although he was interested in the mechanisms of accommodation of the eye and not in correcting eyesight.

Bausch and Lomb created the first commercially available contact lens for purchase in 1971.

And concentric circles are now the basis for bifocal contact lenses, with three circles.  The inner and outer circles are used for distance, and the middle circle for reading / close up vision.  My eye doctor gave me the example that when you have dirt on your windshield, you don’t see it because your eye is looking beyond it and out at the road.  That’s what happens when you are looking in the distance with your contacts.  And the centre part for reading is where your eye concentrates at that distance.

Today I got my first pair of these life changing, fabulous, little circles of joy.  I can see far, and near, and everything in between.  After a year of needing to stash reading glasses in the car, on my desk, on my nightstand, and in my purse, it almost feels like magic.

leonardo da vinci

Thanks Leonardo, and Bausch and Lomb.  And thanks to math, diameters, and concentric circles.  My life is changed and the sun came out to kiss my cheek.



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5 Responses to Concentric Circles Changed My Life

  1. Huffygirl says:

    I’ve known about these for awhile but they don’t fit me. Darn. I’d love to get rid of the readers too.

    • Hang in there. I’m sure they are coming up with new ideas all the time as so many people are afflicted with the eyesight dilemma. I told my husband I know why women start looking haggard as they get older – they can’t see to put on a pin or a necklace or to zip up a sweater. 🙂

  2. Techy, I can’t thank you enough for this post. My eyesight changed just a tad but it’s resulted in my having to use reading glasses when I’m wearing my distance contacts, or raising my distance glances when I want to read close up. Jeez. It really sucks. I had heard of bifocal contacts but I didn’t know they worked the way you described. Thank you, Leonardo.

    • Margaret – I had exactly the same situation. Putting reading glasses on with my contacts or looking under my glasses to read. I think there are two different kinds of bifocal contacts. The other kind are ‘weighted’ so they work like bifocal glasses and you read through the bottom part. I heard that from a friend though, not from an eye doctor. Check out your options and let me know if you also find some magic! I’ll tell you also that I got two extra years (until now) using regular contacts by my eye doctor making one eye my distance eye and one eye my reading eye with the other eye a bit blurry. I got used to it in about 3 days so this option might work for you if your eyes have just started changing. My distance prescription is about 2.5 if that helps with order of magnitude.

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