Michelle Duggar – I’m thinking of you

Mother's love

If you know who Michelle Duggar is, then you already know why I am thinking of her.  And if you do not know her, let me give you a brief summary of why I am thinking of her.

Michelle is the mother on the reality show “19 Kid and Counting”.  She was pregnant with her 20th child and had a miscarriage this week.  I am thinking of her because it is heartbreaking when someone is pregnant, looking forward to mothering that child, and miscarries so the child will not become part of the family.

There are many people with thoughts on whether she should have this many children and many other aspects of her life.  I am nothing like Michelle in so many ways.  I am like her though in one very important aspect – I love being a mom and try every day to be the best one I am able to be.  This, and the respect I have for how she goes about this, are enough to make me feel connected to her.

I was touched when I heard she had lost the child – named Jubilee – and thought about her many times this week.

I have never had the experience of miscarriage so I can not imagine the pain or put myself in her shoes.  I only know that a mother’s heartache can be so strong for events less tragic than this one.

Michelle Duggar – I am thinking of you.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar


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6 Responses to Michelle Duggar – I’m thinking of you

  1. Huffygirl says:

    I’m with you Techie – even though many do not agree with Michelle having such as large family, a pregnancy loss is sad and difficult. Many people do not know how to support someone who’se lost an unborn child, making their grieving more difficult.

  2. John Erickson says:

    I could argue the issue of her number of kids both for and against, and for a very long time. But I bow to your greater wisdom, and will offer my condolence because, no matter what the results of her TV and publicity career, she first took on the most difficult and rewarding task in the world.
    She chose to be a mother.
    May she find peace after this terrible event.

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