I Am The Controller – Ouch

I am the controller.

Why do I want to be the controller though? Like many people just after Christmas this year, I have been playing Kinnect. What a great invention. I am enjoying learning the games and spending lots of time laughing and competing with family members. I’m also seeing this as a way to get some exercise and adding it to My Fitness Pal. If you think I’m kidding about the exercise value, you should try it out. After playing for an hour, we are all breathing hard, sweating a bit, and feeling the stiffness in some muscles.

Thanks Microsoft. This is the first thing I’ve brought into my home you made that brought the family closer together and gave us some laughs to boot.

Sore muscles and all, I am the controller.


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4 Responses to I Am The Controller – Ouch

  1. I don’t have either a Kinect or a Wii…thought about it, then decided to stay w/my Pilates machine. It would probably be even more efficient if I unloaded all the junk stored on top of it. sigh…

    • Thanks for the laugh. Maybe you could just unload all the junk stored on top, and then load it up again. That could be your own, new workout. Kinnect is more fun than Wii but they both do have some fun ways to be active. Especially for those of us stuck with cold weather for half the year. Thanks for visiting, my blogging friend.

  2. Huffygirl says:

    This looks like fun, but since there are no kids living in my house, we’ll probably never have one. We do have a Wii, but I actually found the fitness programs to be dissapointing. It’s fun to play bowling or tennis with someone else, but it’s not enough of a workout to take the place of exercise.

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