Love Your Life

Loving life - Day at the beach

I love my life.

Can you say that?  Believe me, my life is not perfect or easy or probably very different from a lot of other lives.  I am married, two teenage kids, work a lot, with too many chores to do on any given day, and always think I can get more done than is humanly possible.  My eyes are slowly failing, I never get through all my email, and I yell at my kids (loudly) when they push my final button.

I was talking with a new friend yesterday and said I loved my life and he seemed surprised.  Not surprised because he thought I had a life that wasn’t good, but I think surprised that anyone would feel that way.

There are so many things to complain about every single day.  And some people spend all their time with others talking about the things that have gone wrong.  But what the hell’s the point of that?

I know there are tough events to deal with in life.  I’m not a rose-coloured glasses, I don’t see anything wrong kind of person.  I’m realistic, and thoughtful, and positive.  I believe humans are strong and can get through things.  Maybe not past them, and surely not over them (as in ‘get over it’), but through them.  You have to want to.  And you have to count on other people.  That isn’t always easy when you are independent and angry at what happened.

So today, I am thinking of my new friend.  And the event he can’t get through just yet.  But  hey, he never had a friend like me before.


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12 Responses to Love Your Life

  1. Great attitude Techy! It is hard when life gets crazy to remember what is important. You have a great family, a job, a wonderful husband and you get to travel. Your bases are covered and even though you have so much on your plate, your execution is marvelous! Big hugs from Indiana!

  2. Rocket says:

    It’s great when you see people with their chin up. Quite refreshing. Keep on keeping on! 🙂

  3. John Erickson says:

    Actually, I hope we CAN get “over” things, as I am trying to get over some post-Christmas bug that has had me down sick (and offline) for over 2 weeks. I hope to be over this rotten thing soon – my inbox is bulging at the seams! 😀

    • Hi John. Good to see you popping up. Okay, ‘getting over’ works for illness, just not so much for emotional distress. I’m sending you good vibes and sunshine to help chase away the bugs. Drink water, eat crackers, watch bad t.v., and force yourself to get up and walk around a little. Take care..and let us know when you are back full steam.

  4. silverlining09 says:

    very inspiring post. this is one of the good reasons why i love my life! thank you for sharing! and more power blogging…

  5. Pat Bertram says:

    Maybe someday I will get to the point of loving life. I admire you for doing so.

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