Dancing is Dangerous

Broken Toe

I broke my toe dancing.

Let me back up…

I went on a business trip last week to Palm Springs, California.  What a beautiful place – the city, the mountains, the hotel, my room.  I was very fortunate to stay in a lovely villa with a living room that was bigger than the one I have at home.  And there was a fabulous stereo in the room with surround sound speakers.

I was getting ready for the evening events – dinner and dancing and friends and new colleagues.  I turned the stereo on, and some great tunes were playing, and I jacked up the volume.  And then I used that big living room and I was a dancing fool.  Literally.  A dancing fool.  I was singing and dancing and spinning… and my foot hit the iron chair leg and the chair didn’t give… but my toe did.  Blood filled the toe in one minute flat.  OUCH.

At 3:00 a.m., when I couldn’t sleep due to the throbbing, I discovered the internet is a wonderful thing.  I read that the best thing to do was put a piece of cotton between the toe and the one beside it (a “buddy” toe, they call it) and wrap the two toes together to immobilize the bad toe.

That, some advil, a glass of wine, and some one-legged dancing make for a fun evening.  Even with a broken toe.

Here’s a better picture from the trip…

Indian Wells, California


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12 Responses to Dancing is Dangerous

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  2. Kemi says:

    Ouch! Reminds me of last January with I tore my toe from falling down the stairs. I hope you heal quickly! 🙂

  3. yellowcat says:

    This picture keeps popping up on my reader and I scream in pain every time I see it. I hope it looks worse than it is.

    • Sorry for causing you eye-pain. It actually hurts worse today than it looks. Doctor said try to elevate it and stay off it as much as possible for 3 weeks. As if that can happen with a job, two teenagers, and martial arts classes… Today I overdid it though and now am drinking tea and sobbing. (okay, not really sobbing, but drinking tea!)

  4. Ouch! I broke my big toe several months ago…playing kickball. It is now a major predictor of changes in the weather….sigh…hope it feels better soon.

  5. Hey, my buddy over at The Idiot Speaketh broke his foot riding an exercise bike. Nope, he didn’t fall, didn’t get entangled in the pedals, he was just pedaling his virtual way across the US, and one day the foot went “POP!” mid-pedal! At least you have a good excuse! (Well, an excuse, anyway. 😉 )

    • Hi John! I think pedalling across the US is a better story than dancing alone…but I guess there could be a lot of other really dumb ways to do it…walking down the street, walking in the dark to the bathroom, etc.

  6. Wow – this is exactly like my experience. I also put the music on and was dancing vigorously and bashed into the wall and fractured my toe!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the comment. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

    • Hi Darshana. That is so funny that we had the same experience. I was rocking out so at least I know I was having a lot of fun just before it happened. Thanks for visiting and keep on blogging!

  7. carlaat says:

    Ouch! Heal quickly! Glad you were dancing! 🙂

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