Thanks Cowboy Chris

Cowboy Chris – thanks.

Thanks for a beautiful ride through the desert in Palm Springs.

…for showing me how to ride, and how to relax, and how to make my horse, Coal, do what I needed him to do.

…for telling us about the land, and a little about yourself.

…for making me feel like a cowgirl for a few hours, and the sweet proposal to join you for a longer ride.

…for keeping us safe while letting us feel the terrain, and the water, and the sun.

…for making me smile, for making me laugh, for making me see the world just a little bit differently.

We were at a corporate event – far from our Toronto homes – and there were 8 activities to choose from.  By the end of the evening, as my group who chose the guided horseback riding tour through the desert told the story of our terrific adventure, every other group wished they had been with us.  That’s great feedback for you and the Smoke Tree Stables.  I’ll remember the moments spent on my horse fondly as I trek through snow to my banking job this week.  Especially the price of my hat flying off.  🙂

Thanks Cowboy Chris.


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6 Responses to Thanks Cowboy Chris

  1. Shoo wee that sounds awesome.

  2. Envy you. the ride, thank you for taking me along.

  3. Huffygirl says:

    What an adventure for a big city girl. Ride em’ cowboy, er girl!

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