Airport View for You – Palm Springs California

This is now officially one of my favourite airports – Palm Springs, California – even though I did get the full body pat down treatment.

The tickets and security are inside, then you walk outside where there is a playground, grass to sit on, gardens, benches, and Starbucks for your waiting pleasure.

Once your flight is ready to be boarded, you go up an escalator, and back inside for a short walk to the gate.  That’s travel at its best.


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2 Responses to Airport View for You – Palm Springs California

  1. Sandi Ormsby says:

    It looks like it might be right up there with my other favorite, John Wayne Airport in Orange County. The ease of getting in/out of that airport is awesome! I wonder how flying in/out Palm Springs is during the summer months. Heat tends to add more turbulance I’m told.

    Lake Forest, CA

    • Good point Sandi. Thanks for visiting.

      I don’t think many people visit Palm Springs in the hot summer months. I have not seen Orange County…maybe I better get that on my list of places to visit.

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