Tribute – Friends, Friends, Friends, and Friends

It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.  ~Epicurus

Reflecting on this past week and on the many interactions this self-described introvert enjoyed…and the different types of friends that added pleasure along the way.

  • New friend – just getting to know each other, introduced through a common contact, we have many things in common but not location or natural reason for interaction.  This new friend (maybe still in acquaintance stage, but in a trusting way) gave me perspective on a business challenge that was on target and needed.
  • Current business friend – one specific colleague shared an hour with me talking about how difficult our jobs are at the same time they are exciting and fulfilling.  It’s fun to have these types of all-out, can you believe what I am dealing with, what were people thinking conversations.  Exaggerate the situation to ridiculous lengths, laugh, come up with a game plan, and move on.
  • Long term business friend – we have seen each other mature over our careers even though we don’t work together anymore, we can go for a walk, talk about theories on business strategy, hiring practices, and negotiation skills.  Thinking, and talking, and challenging each other’s thoughts.  And sharing a soothing cup of hot coffee on a cold winter day.
  • Friend who knows me – you know the kind, you can be serious / silly / stupid – and they still listen, care, give advice, and forgive your faults.  I am fortunate to have several of these friends and one of them was there for me this week as I prepared for a serious presentation and she convinced me that I would do great.  A supporter when I ask for it, and a critic when I need it.  And sense enough to know the right time for each.

Thank you my dear friends.  I am also there for you.

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.  ~Author Unknown


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2 Responses to Tribute – Friends, Friends, Friends, and Friends

  1. PRCommPro says:

    where do you find the time, my dear??? amazing stuff … putting me to shame!!

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