10 For Tuesday – Jan 31 2012

10 great things today…

  1. no snow on the roads this morning after a 2 hour commute last night
  2. walking downstairs and getting a latte while on a conference call
  3. two guys on my team handling a project escalation professionally and logically
  4. Big One and Little One are done with first semester exams
  5. laughing, many times today
  6. planning a trip to India
  7. good career discussion, not as easy as it sounds
  8. jerk chicken for dinner, yum!
  9. learning a new martial arts punch form (watch out)
  10. winning a blogger award from my buddy Vicki at Jumping in Mud Puddles (sweetheart!)


About workingtechmom

busy, happy, loving life Drop by and leave a message.
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2 Responses to 10 For Tuesday – Jan 31 2012

  1. Coincidentally watching top gear India now. If I was you I would make sure I walk everywhere when I am there. (wink, wink). X

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