Thursday Tech Talk

What a great day of tech talk.

I was showing off my new blackberry.  The features, the way the lighting goes off in sequence, the touch of the keyboard. The blackberry Bold 9900 is now my current favourite toy.

Next meeting I got to talk about a great project I am sponsoring.  Integration, point to point communications, common routing patterns, creating common technical components and service-enabling them.

Off again, and next topic was a technical tool we are assessing that will make the 200 developers more effective.  We talked about the server it needs to be loaded on, the training as we would onboard people to use the tool, and how we would configure the tool to integrate with other tools the developers already use.

Some days, I go to strategy meetings and make decisions about the future as we want it to  be.  Other days, it’s all about people and motivating and calming them down to stay focused on work.

Today, tech talk almost all day.  What a thrill.  I forgot what a geek I could be.  Today reminded me.


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One Response to Thursday Tech Talk

  1. I loved my BB…it was so good to me until recently. Then I switched to the iPhone…sigh. There is nothing wrong with geek…ps.

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