Thursday Tech Talk – Connections

connecting people

Great conversation today about people using technology to connect, to share their knowledge, debate topics online, and find others who have information they may need.

We are using a product called Connections at work.  Employees have profiles loaded onto the system.  It is challenging to get them to participate – to add their skills, to connect with one another, to start discussions.

So I had a discussion today with a colleague from another company who also uses Connections.  We know there are ways to encourage employees to participate more, and we also believe there are great benefits to reap as adoption and use increases.  I’m sure there is a tipping point…get people involved, they start to see the benefit, and more people get involved.  And one day, they will wonder how they got things done without it.

We aren’t there yet, but… like many successes, it all starts with believing we can do it.

Your suggestions for helping convince people to participate in a corporate online Connections environment?

Lotus Connections


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4 Responses to Thursday Tech Talk – Connections

  1. My company uses Jive for our internal and external communities. When I joined the company about 4-1/2 years ago, only a handful of people participated in the internal community and the majority of my colleagues felt that it was a waste of time and were fearful of being perceived as wasting time. Today it is a critical technology for our company will dozens of communities, a wide variety of blogs, and thousands of conversations every day. Some of the things that I think led us to this place:
    – a very enthusiastic community manager
    – no censure for posting honest and, sometimes, critical company feedback
    – participation from some visible sr. people and key executives <- this was huge. During the downturn in 2009 we had some deep financial cut-backs and our CFO participated very honestly in some Q&A on this community. Our IT and HR execs have done the same from time-to-time

  2. Funny…I was in a 5.5 hour meeting yesterday about implementing a new corporate intranet that includes workspaces for collaboration and profiles to present skills. My area will be working on both the migration for our department as well as the creation of the documentation and training, I’d be interested to hear how it progresses at your site.

  3. Carla says:

    Here’s my former teacher mind thinking about this, so it may not apply to corporate. . . rewards for people who amass a certain number of connections? (See – I’m thinking candy right now . . . ) Testimonials from those who start seeing the value? Daily recognition or reminders or “30 Days of Connections” with something fun attached – quotes, goodies – etc.?

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