Tribute to Springsteen – Thunder Road

Listening to Thunder Road by The Boss as I drove along a short stretch of highway today and it brought back so many memories from 1981.  I was in college and lived down the hall from four boys (young men?) from Steubenville, Ohio.  They were Springsteen fans.  In fact, his albums may have been the only ones they owned.

I don’t think I even knew anything about Springsteen before I met them.  I sure did learn his songs over the year that we shared a hallway.  Floating in and out of each others apartments, sharing stories, food, study groups, and music.  It was a year of freedom.  Oh sure, we had part-time jobs and studies and responsibilities to pay bills, but there was always time each day to just enjoy.

I’ve loved Bruce’s music since then.  And loved Bruce since then too.  Well, I was mad at him for a while after the break-up of his marriage to Julianne Phillips.  But I guess if she could get over it, I could too.

Thanks Bruce for the song today.  And for bringing back the memories.

Two lines I love from this song…and what girl wouldn’t want to hear both of these?  Okay, maybe only I would like the first one because you could take it as an insult if you were so inclined.  But  I sure could fall for a guy who used both these lines on me…(well, back then, maybe not now)

You ain’t a beauty but hey you’re alright
Oh, and that’s alright with me

… roll down the window
And let the wind blow back your hair

Click for full lyrics – Thunder Road.


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3 Responses to Tribute to Springsteen – Thunder Road

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  2. Ahh, Steubenville, Ohio. I grew up right across the river. My best friend teachers there. Wouldn’t it be funny if I recognized their names? lol

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