10 for Tuesday – Feb 28 2012

first kiss

What a day…do I always think this on Tuesdays? Maybe.

Here goes – I had to resort to 9 great ones and 1 bad one today.

  1. Hot coffee in the morning and a terrific cappuccino at lunch.
  2. Good meetings (imagine), great progress on projects, and some big decisions made.
  3. Husband sent me a text that he was feeding Big One like a baby bird because she was sick and too weak to eat.
  4. Good chat with a girlfriend and she made me laugh.
  5. Read the Edmonton’s Tourist blog and she talked about her first kiss and that made me think of mine.  Todd Compton – 12 years old, seventh grade, cute, sweet, my first boyfriend, my first kiss.  I was at a party with my best friend Lori and she also had her first kiss with Troy.  And then Todd broke my heart after a few short months of being my boyfriend.  I don’t hold it against him (anymore).
  6. nice weather so I went out for a quick walk at lunch, about 5C / 40F, unbelievable for Feb in Toronto
  7. things are falling into place for my new Technology Council to kick off, a geeks paradise
  8. Little One doing his homework
  9. my new hairstyle is looking good on a daily basis …isn’t that a dream for every woman?…now I probably jinxed myself 🙂

and then, the bad one…okay, not so bad…

10.  I found out today I have to move to a new office.  Poor me – going from a lovely view of the CN tower to an inside office without a view.  I guess there are a lot of worse things in life, but I still don’t have to like it.


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2 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – Feb 28 2012

  1. As days go, not bad at all. I’ve been working on the lower level of a building for the past 15 years. It really stinks in the winter time when you never see the sun. When I remember, I climb the stairs to take a peek at the day.

  2. Think of the office move this way – now you have control over what you see when you look up from your desk! It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the CN tower – you could see sailing ships, pastoral landscapes, a photo collection of your family, or whatever. You might even become famous for your walls! (I did – I used my cube at my first job as the overflow for my autograph collection. I ended up with a wall full of photos of beautiful women, signed with such phrases as “To My Very Special Friend John – Thanks For A Great Weekend”. Not only helped my ego, but I became a tour stop when out-of-town tech folk would stop through, just so they could see “they guy with all the photos of beautiful gals hanging on his wall”. Hey – not ALL us geeks/nerds/Trekkies are hopeless with women! 😀 )

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