Search Light in my Eyes

Hello policeman.  Nice lights.

Saturday, early evening.  I was driving home with the roof off the car.  It is March in Toronto, not exactly warm…but I just had the need to take off the roof and feel the wind in my hair.

As I got off the highway and curved around the ramp, I stopped at a red light beside a police car.  Before the light turned green, a search light flashed on and into my car from the side of the police car.  I did not know what was happening at first, but trust me that if a search light is shone on you and into your car you will realize quickly what it is.

I turned toward the car, switched off my tunes (which of course need to be on extra loud when you are cruising with the roof off) and smiled.  The following conversation occurred:

Policeman – You have the roof off?

Me – Yes

Policeman – Did you just drive up from Florida or something?

Me – No, just drove up from downtown Toronto.

Policeman – Are you warm?

Me – No, not at all.  But sometimes you just need to enjoy the car.


Policeman – (smile on his face)  Enjoy your evening.

Perfect end to the lovely convertible ride in March.


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3 Responses to Search Light in my Eyes

  1. Huffygirl says:

    Guess is was a slow night for the officer. Probably wishing he could take his top off (on the car I mean!)

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