Now where did you put the LSD?

Are you kidding me?  You can use LSD to treat alcoholism.  Imagine the end result of this – your child begging you to stop taking drugs and go back to being an alcoholic?

One study cited in the Irish Examiner and another Norwegian Study.

Here’s the pro from the study – Many patients claim that they get significant insights into their problems, that they get a new perspective on their problems and motivation to solve them.”

The con? – whether long-term psychological problems could arise: “Our study is not designed to answer that question.”

    • So, if you are an alcoholic
    • and decide to use LSD to cure it
    • and end up with psychological problems,

don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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4 Responses to Now where did you put the LSD?

  1. So you are trading one problem for another problem (possibly)….what is wrong with people!? Your warning is heeded…

    • hi bandit..that’s exactly how I saw it. I saw this story on the news ticker in my elevator at work in the morning and then checked it out on the internet. I wondered who they used to do all this testing!

  2. Huffygirl says:

    Actually I bet you could use LSD to “treat” almost anything. Even if it didn’t cure it, you wouldn’t know, or wouldn’t care.

    • hi huffygirl. I agree. Maybe the researchers will move on to studying how to treat people who have sore toes, mean parents, and bad grades to see if LSD makes them feel better!

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