Tribute to Spring

spring sunshine in Toronto

Unbelievable day.  Spring came for a nice, warm visit today.  How appropriate that it happened on the first day of daylight savings time to get us past any negative thoughts of the time change.

It was 16C / 61F today in Toronto.  To put it into context, the average high in March for Toronto is 2C / 35F.

bird in the conservation areaThe sun, the warmth, and the gentle breeze brought a lot of people outdoors.  My neighbour took down his Christmas wreath from the top of the garage, my son went longboarding with several friends, and I enjoyed a walk in the conservation area.

Thank you Spring.  Please come visit again as soon as you can.


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3 Responses to Tribute to Spring

  1. I love the picture of the red-winged blackbird.

    Here I am, living in North Carolina, and I freeze all winter and spring. I LONG for summer, humidity, sweating, and steambath temps. I try so hard not to whine about the cold, and honestly I think I’m doing better. But every time I hear a friend say such graceful, grateful words about a spring day *when they live in the frozen NORTH* I am again reminded of how warm I really have it here. 🙂

    PS: I also like the gravatar of your pink toenails and bare feet in the sand. My toes are currently painted “Strawberry Margarita” and they can hardly wait for flip flop season!

    • Hi Lisa. I had the pleasure of living in North Carolina for 6 months and thought it was one of the best places to be! I know it is all relative to what you are used to, but it is good for you to know there are many people envying your winters. The only thing I found hard was all the bugs and spiders.

      Strawberry Margarita sounds delicious! I train in martial arts in bare feet so I try to keep them in good shape all year, even through the snowy days.

      • Oh, yeah. Bugs and spiders. Actually, the spiders don’t really register on my horizon. Mosquitos do, and we have a gracious plenty. And down here, we have to treat the cats and dogs for fleas pretty much 9 or 10 months out of the year…

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