10 For Tuesday – March 13, 2012

slide gloves

9 great things today…and one not so nice…

  1. my fever broke, man I hate to be sick
  2. great punches at martial arts tonight, I’m learning to be more aggressive!
  3. break-through on a work challenge today for managing development efforts
  4. geek discussion on point to point system integration types
  5. new coffee cream – mocha almond fudge (delicious)
  6. got a picture from Big One on the Great Wall of China (so hard to believe)
  7. my new white blackberry bold (I traded my black one to someone else – the white one is so girlie and cool)
  8. learning how to make pucks and slide gloves for longboarding (bet you wish you knew how!)
  9. can’t forget the weather – feels like Spring (is there more snow waiting to surprise us?)


and one not so great…

10.  fasting for a physical tomorrow, not fun.


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One Response to 10 For Tuesday – March 13, 2012

  1. Carla says:

    Loving hearing about Big One in China! 🙂

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