Airport View For You – Frankfurt, Germany

Flew from Toronto through Frankfurt, so all photos are inside.  Enjoy the walk through the airport with me.  I had the pleasure of a full body pat down both times through.  Sorry, no photos of that.  Next week, Chennai Airport.

Need a box with two bags?  They have it for you.

There was a strike at the airport between when we went through on our way to India and our flight back, so they had cots brought in for the travellers.  I don’t think we do that in Canada.
They made beautiful Easter eggs for the lounge.  They tasted as good as they looked.

I thought this sign was for a jogging track, but it was just to show where to find the stairs.

Landed in Air Canada plane, headed out in Lufthansa.

I love escalators.  The power and the serenity.

I’m always amazed at the smoking rooms.  They had the door propped open when I walked by once to get some fresh air.  🙂  My colleagues told me to stop taking pictures for fear of someone coming out and punching me, but they failed to remember I am trained to defend myself!

Good-bye Frankfurt.  On to Chennai, India.


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3 Responses to Airport View For You – Frankfurt, Germany

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  2. murty says:

    Hi Kelley how are you? Good pics, hope things are fine.

  3. yellowcat says:

    Is the TSA only in America? We have some of the rudest TSA agents in Cody. They are awful people.

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