Thursday Tech Talk – Double Your Fun?

Great strategy discussion today – if we doubled your workload, what would happen to your team?  Would you need twice as many developers and solution designers?  What about demand manager, portfolio manager, and development managers?  And where would you get them, and how would you train them?

Interesting discussion and thought process.  My team rose to the challenge brilliantly.

It’s a good worry to have that our workload might explode.  And they each thought it would be fun to meet this challenge.

Can you say your team would be happy to take on double the work, and work together as a team to meet it, and at the same time try to keep down the base costs?

I am one lucky person to have such a group of thought leaders who are talented and customer focused working together.  And interesting, and fun on top of all that.  Equally able to take a shot of sarcasm at me…and from me.

And then to end the day, a good dose of project meetings…talking about integration points, common components, system reuse, third-party vendor packages, and making it all work together on a tight timeline.  Followed by a comment from the project manager that my team is “on fire” analysing and designing all the things we just talked about.  I love being a geek.

A good tech Thursday for sure.


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