Airport View For You – Chennai, India

Flew from Toronto, Canada through Frankfurt, Germany and on to Chennai, India.

Three very different airport views.  Enjoy the walk through the Chennai airport with me.  Next week, Bangalore Airport.


I think I’ll pass on the drinking fountain.

Good to know there is someone to call if I get caught in the escalator…but how will I get to the phone if I am caught…?

Obligatory luggage carts, look the same in every country.  Who makes these?

Small escalator in this airport.

Outside the airport…

Physically challenged bathroom

Ladies bathroom

Good-bye Chennai.  On to Bangalore, India.


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6 Responses to Airport View For You – Chennai, India

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  3. yellowcat says:

    Oh, the ladies’ toilet! Do you get to close the door? Is the toilet for Physically Challenged people just a bigger hole in the floor?

    • Yellowcat, there is a door but there is never a line up so you may not need to close it for privacy. I didn’t have the heart to check out the physically challenged one inside, but if I go back I’ll check it for you.

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