Tribute to Harley Riders

I stepped out of my normal life last night and attended a biker’s party.  And had fun.

My husband rides a Harley.  I am not a fan because I worry a lot, I am too busy to go on long rides that he enjoys, and I don’t think of myself as a biker chick.

I do go on short rides with him, and every now and then a long one.  I do enjoy the scenery, the freedom, the rushing wind, and the time with him.  He belongs to a bike club and they go on rides once a week as long as the weather allows.  They have recently been organizing dinners and casual parties and I have attended a few of these.

So this week-end was one.  Before we went, I joked with my husband that I am sure I would be the only “banker” in the crowd.

We went and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Stepping out of my daily routine, engaging in conversations with people I am just getting to know, eating some delicious food, and just plain relaxing.

I felt the pure pleasure Joe had as he showed me his new bike.  The stereo was nicer than any I’ve heard in a house.  I shared the thrill Frankie felt as he told me he had officially retired 8 days ago.  And I experienced just a small bit of the fear Mark and his wife experienced when he described the heart attack, and subsequent bypass surgery he went through 2 months ago.

Opening my mind and my heart, I just listened to people as they shared a piece of their lives, and stories, and humour with me.  And in return they embraced me, listened to me, and made me laugh.  Oh, the stories they told and the laughter we shared.

I write this tribute to them as a thanks for the evening and a reminder to myself.  It’s often as we step out of our lives and are open to experiences that we find a new perspective and unexpected pleasure.  I carry that with me as I step back into my corporate life tomorrow with a faint smile still on my lips.


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2 Responses to Tribute to Harley Riders

  1. Huffygirl says:

    I think we almost always get a nice surprise when we step out of our comfort zones and try something new.

  2. John Erickson says:

    Harley riders are a pretty decent – and cool – group. I hate to stereotype, but I’ve found far more “attitue” among the riders of Japanese crotch rockets than I have among Hog riders. And far fewer Harley riders driving around in shorts and T-shirts with bare heads. A sore point for me, as I watched EMTs scrape a guy off the pavement, who went jaw-first, with an open face helmet and no leathers, into the pavement at over 40 mph. He was alive, barely, when they first got him into the ambulance, but he didn’t last long. And both police and EMTs felt it was better he passed.
    So don’t let me ever find out you’ve been riding without a helmet, okay? I don’t want to have to come up there and chew you out in person! 😉

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