Hi there lonely blog.

My blog is lonely.  I was doing such a good job of posting almost every day, and then…I started a blog at work…and my poor WordPress blog was left alone for a little while.

A line from a Beyonce song comes to mind…because really, why would my blog be lonely when there are so many friends on WordPress just cruising by to visit?

I’ve been alone 
When I’m surrounded by friends 
How could the silence be so loud 

Or maybe that song was on my mind because I listened to it today, and then it made me think of my blog, and then I thought it was lonely.

My mind is racing.  It’s been a busy week.  Maybe my thoughts are not coherent, but they are happy.

Happy because it is Spring, and I got to drive today with the roof off the car, and I walked outside to lunch, and I shared a nice, funny moment with a friend on text (a friend who doesn’t like to text so that made it all the better).  And I went to martial arts even though I didn’t feel like it, and everyone is home.

But two of ‘those people’ who live in my house have colds and are doing that whining thing where they talk about how they don’t like being sick.  No kidding, nobody likes to be sick.  So go to bed already.  What’s worse than being sick…having to be the person listening to you whine about it.

Oh yeah, I was talking about feeling happy…so, now that the sickies have left the room…back to that…

Little One got his driver’s license this week on the day he turned 16.  How did that sneak up on me so fast?

So there you go little blog.  Don’t be lonely anymore.


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3 Responses to Hi there lonely blog.

  1. CubicleViews says:

    We all go through spats of “I should write…oh what’s that shiny thing over there?!” Don’t fret. Good content keeps em coming back.

  2. yellowcat says:

    Poor lonely blog. Spring is wonderful! I’m so ready to move all my plants outside.

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