Fasting is not Fun

I am fasting today for surgery tomorrow.  This is not fun.

I don’t want to smell all the great food being cooked in my house for other people.  I don’t want to be out at the Dragon Boat races where my son is this afternoon, walking by the Chip truck and the Ice Cream Shoppe knowing I can’t have any.  When I am down by the waterfront, I rarely stop and partake in these delicious treats.  But I sure know I could if I wanted.  Since that is not the case today, I don’t want to see them.

This ‘pain of fasting’ has made me think about how my mind works…when something is withheld from me, I want it so much ‘I can taste it’.  Bad pun intended.

I know I can get through a day fasting.  It won’t kill me, it won’t even hurt that much, but it sure isn’t fun.

I wonder what I’ll want to eat tomorrow night when I am released from this fast.  Hmmm…if I give that too much thought, I may not get through the rest of the day fasting. I’ll put my mind on other things.  Maybe I should clean out that hall closet that I meant to get to.  Or maybe not.  I might be too weak today.  🙂

I am making sure to drink a lot of water so I don’t dehydrate – here’s some advice on that.


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One Response to Fasting is not Fun

  1. I hope your surgery went better and less painful than your fasting experience Techy!! ❤

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